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After 20 years with windstream I made the mistake of bundling with Cox. They missed 2 installation dates, left me with no service for a week prior to installation and then afterwards I had frequent outages lasting several hours at a time for the first month until finally losing all my service, phone, TV and internet for 6 days.

I was promised compensation particularly since I told them my kids were studying for college placement exams online and my sister is disabled and has heart failure and I needed the phone. The bill came in full and when I called, they claimed to be sorry for my entertainment inconvenience and created me 45.00 off a 182.00 bill. Clearly they do not have a clue nor did they care less of leaving an entire family in the stone age in this era. They could have offered at least a free premium channel or something but nothing more than the per diem cost of service.

I had my cable TV with them for 16 years before bundling. No sense of customer loyalty or even concern. I spoke with customer service and also with customer care chat. Joachim on chat was much worse than mark, but mark offered nothing but insincere platitudes and wasted my time.

Hate Cox and will drop them as soon as I can get a replacement. I lost my phone number of 20 years for nothing too.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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