I have been a customer with Cox, not by choice but because they have a monopoly, for YEARS and my bill gets more and more expensive and the service gets worse. I called after the jacked my price up by $60 I was told 4 different prices and packages from 4 different people.

Finally I was told to go into the store to return the cable box and get the "app only" with HBO for $81. Awesome! good deal! but I get there and the guy in the store has no idea what I am talking about, no notes or communication from the "phone team".

He tells me I have to call and ends the conversation by saying "and all the managers are in a meeting, so nothing I can do" clearly not wanting to help. Ok I call, again I am told that there is no deal, whoever i talked to apparently gave me false information? Everyone is all over the place. Not trust worthy!

I hate that I have to have internet from them! I am always searching for another company. If anyone has any suggestions I live in Mesa Arizona.

I am ok with just having internet, I would be fine with the price if it wasn't constantly dropping service.

When I call about dropped service Cox never takes responsibility. what I do not like is being talked into a package over the phone accompanied by false information, promise and fake pricing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Internet Service.

Location: Rochester, Minnesota

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