I just changed my cable boxes from dvr to whole home dvr from cox, and the system is not worth the money. My worst complaint is recording sports.

When you open the guide and look for football, none of the information is programed. The guide does not list the teams playing, just the location.

I have missed so many games because you can't determine who is playing. Don't upgrade to whole home dvr, the regular dvr box allows you to search by theme (football), and you can see all the games and record easily.

Also the cox customer service is no help.

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I had whole home installed last week. I would give it a rating of F-.

Don't get it.There are many features that have disappeared. Record only new is gone, it no longer backs up slightly when you stop fast forward, recorded programs stop 2 minutes early, so you miss the end of every show, you can no longer delete a show you are watching, it takes several key strokes to delete, I cannot record in the future, I get a 'technical error, try again later' message. Have tried repeatedly, same message. The system is much more labor intensive, ie.

it takes alot more time to do what you could easily do before this upgrade.

The new menus are cluttered and difficult to read even on the largest font. What a pathetic product.


I can certainly appreciate how frustrating that must be. If you want to email me at coxlhelp@cox.com I'll see what I can do to help resolve this issue for you.


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