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I HATE cox communications! I don't even have cox service, I have AT&T (a normal provider) but I spend all my time dealing with Cox's drama.

First the people that lived in our house before us made the poor life choice of getting Cox service. So after we'd been there for awhile we got a notice on our door saying that we stole cable. We have not even had cable once since we've lived here; it's not even hooked up. So I called and told them everything and they said that's just their standard message! And I was like "your standard message is to accuse people of cable theft?!"

Then there was a storm and the line went down but not all the way down in our front yard. So even though we don't even have cox and they won't come get their *** box off my house I have their line hanging in my front yard. When I called to report the down line I got transferred around and waited on hold for 10 years.

I hate them and everyone should switch to AT&T!!!!

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If you've called them, and aren't a customer, you've done your part. You have no contractual agreement with them, and therefore no obligation to their line or equipment.

Cut the coax at the pole and toss it. Remove any other equipment and trash that too...assuming that you own the house, if you don't own the house (renting) then just leave the box alone- if they won't come and get it, don't worry about it.


Yes I totally agree with you. I cant wait to either move to a place where this so called company isnt everywhere or until another company comes here.

I NEVER had trouble with Verizon DSL for my internet AND IT NEVER went down like Cox does weekly. Tonght their cable is out. Nice,. I love paying for something I dont have.

They SUCK in the worst way and I am looking for a different carrier. Period.

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