My husband thinks he can survive without T.V., but the day he kicks the bucket (providing he goes first) I am cutting any and all association with Cox. I'll use the computer at the library, but a Smartphone, and never watch T.V. again.

Their prices our outrageous and sneaky. One year we were paying $60 a month for mostly Spanish channels we can't use, and the next we were paying more than $80. We are on fixed incomes and can't afford this. Second, I went into the store today and a girl steps in front of me and asked if she can help me. I said "no" and as I walked to the back to pay my bill, she stopped me and said I had to sign in at the kiosk. This is something new and I was quite embarrassed. I gave her my name and was told to sit down and wait my turn. I've always waited my turn and I'm 53 years old.

When the customer service clerk was done with a customer, I stepped up to the desk and was told again that it's not my turn. They want you to walk around the store and look at all of the pretty things while you wait. This is a marketing stradegy thought up by some *** computer geek.

I wasn't called by the lady at the counter, I clerk in the store wanted to help me. I felt as if her were just trying to sell me something so I said "no." I didn't realize he could take my payment on any register.

I do not see this as progress. I prefer to wait in line rather than try to figure out the new way of doing things. I resent that a bunch of young kids are correcting me and acting like I'm an *** for not knowing the "right" way to do things.

They have us over a barrel now, but my happiest day will be when they can't embarrass me any longer because they no longer have my business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Tv Service.

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San Diego, California, United States #614040

I can completely understand what you are saying. Their prices are outrageous, but as the saying goes, 'what ever the market will bear.' The sad truth is, the market wants them.

Even sadder is that they have a monopoly for the area. There is no real competetion to keep their prices in check. DSL sucks. AT&T is not much better.

Satelite/dish is subject to the mercy of the elements. --- If it's any consolation, I did fire Cox once upon a time and my family did just fine without them for about four years. But that was before the internet became a staple in todays' homes. There is one other method of internet connection; get an 'air card' aka 'hot spot' that you can plug into the usb port of your computer.

You can buy just what you need if you're not on the computer much and control your costs that way. --- Stick to your guns. If more people stood on principle, businesses just might listen.

I'm willing to survive on feathers until the price of that chicken comes down. You know what I mean by that.


Good luck murdering your husband


How morbid of you. Poor husband...

You wonder why the staff told you to wait your turn, then you didn't wait your turn?

You don't get it do you. They told you not to do something, because id10ts do it, and you do it anyway.

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