We have current service and are moving to an upstairs apartment and was setting up service there. The original rep we spoke with gave a us a good deal and documented in our account what we were going to be charged at the new service location.

All set....right? Wrong! We called the other day to change the install date and spoke with different rep. She must have deleted the order and started over (luckily the previous rep's notes were in our account to still reflect the services that we requested and signed up for).

We asked if she was re-doing or making changes to the order and said "no". Come to find out she did. Completely was setting us up for charges we did not want. At that point, we were done with that rep and asked to speak with someone else.

Once he confirmed that she had been setting us up on other services; we were pissed and "Cancelled" the new order. After we cancelled, the rep went back in and "re-opened" the order and again, put her own services in there! Increased our bill and levels of service. Fighting with Cox now and this has been about our 4th hour of dealing with them over this bill.

Telling them that someone in their center is fraudulently setting up Telephone, Cable, Internet and Home Security Services. They don't care. Reminded them of how illegal this is and they offered us $25 off of our bill. So pissed at this company.

Plus, the person has increased our current bill by upping my internet at my current location in the middle of a billing cycle. She doubled our internet package plan. This is considered both identity theft and fraud with FCC and DOJ. How many others are they doing this to?

Not to mention.....the numerous times we have had techs out here because the internet service is almost non-existent at my location regardless of speed/package plan, numerous modems swap, etc. Anyone else have issues with Cox slamming or setting up un-authorized services????

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Customer Care.

Reason of review: All of the above, plus some.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Cox Communications Cons: Fraudulent practice and identity theft.

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