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My svcs went out 8/30 bc the only thing the phone reps r supposed to do is push for a technician in home service call which runs the customer $75 a pop they cannot actual help to diagnose any issues. After personally replacing all cables & equipment [that was provided to me by Cox] I was able to assess that the issue is with the cable wiring providing my home.

This is the EXTERNAL wiring which is an important point in this story. I scheduled the tech call & made clear to everyone I spoke to that there was no way to allow anyone into my home. This is because of my kids trauma response to strangers in our home after my husbands untimely death. I was informed by the person who set up the call that not a problem.

Cut to 9/2, 4 days after my system went down, the tech who was sent out cancelled the call & left went he found out I wasn't going to budge on allowing him in my home. He refused to consider any work arounds even after finding out why he couldn't come in. The reason for this robotic refusal of change? External wiring calls don't cost me anything.

That's right, OUTSIDE - Free: INSIDE - $75.

I wonder who might be getting an incentive for "upcharging" their calls? How about the company allow these intelligent people work in a way that benefits their customers instead of forcing them to try to bleed those same customers for everything they have.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Technical Support.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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