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I won't go into too much detail here, there isn't enough space to record every detail of my encounters. Basically I have talked to Cox support for bad Internet 4 times over the past few weeks.

I vowed I would not take any time off from work so scheduled a tech for 5-7PM. I ended up having to reschedule to 3-5PM for the same day because I had a meeting in the evening. So I ended up taking time off of work anyway. Tech never showed.

I have carrier time out errors on my modem. One rep I talked to said modems only last 2 yrs and they are outdated. (a previous rep had told me my modem was barely 2 yrs old and should be fine). So I replaced my modem.

Next day guess what? That's right, more disconnects and more errors. Next I talked to a supervisor, he told me modems don't just quit working after 2 years, and also they (Cox) can update the modem, so it shouldn't be out of date. He also told me he wasn't receiving a signal from my modem, even though I was on the Internet at that moment.

He ended up telling me the problem could very well be on their end and was going to send out a tech, even though I already had one scheduled. Well I never heard from any techs, and today I waited 2 hours and no one ever showed up.

Again there is more unbelievable detail to this story, but the bottom line....Cox customer service is really poor. And I am still stuck with sucky Internet.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Internet Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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