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On the Saturday BEFORE Thanksgiving, a tech came out and installed cable, Internet, and phone. My complaint is solely about the cable lack of service.

I began watching tv and found that multiple channels, to which I have subscribed, as well as those 'free for 3 months' didn't work. The error said 'no signal' error code 3.1.1 - the channel might be temporarily off the air. Call it in or watch something else was the gist of the rest of the message. Okay - got REAL tired of this and called it in on 1 Dec.

The woman who answered tried resetting, etc. nothing changed. She said she needed to talk to her supervisors and that it would probably have to be elevated to the Atlanta level. She said she would call back in about 45 minutes and give a status.

That was the first failure to call back. The next day, we called again. This time, they wanted to send out a technician around dinner time. After that was all set up, the first woman called back (remember it was going to be 45 minutes - not 17 hours and 45 minutes) and she wanted us to not have the tech come out cuz she didn't think it would help - she said she had gone ahead and escalated it to Atlanta.

Finally - Abbas he tech came out. He tried all kinds of tricks including running a cable from the outside box all the way into the host box - no change. He said it would next go to 'the network' guys and they would check it w/in 48 hours and he would call us w/ the results at that time. True to his word - he called back and when he said he would.

He said they found nothing and it would indeed be/ actually already had been escalated to Atlanta (from back on the 1st). That was Tuesday evening. By Saturday, there was no change nor further contact from anyone. We called.

This time we went thru the whole story AGAIN with Patrick. Again - escalation...someone will call you back... Yada yada yada. Monday nite - no change in service, no contact, no surprise.

We call. Whole story AGAIN for Paul. Pup gives m a song and dance. I tell him I want to talk to a supervisor (i've been on the phone w/him for 30 minutes at this time).

he puts me on hold for several more minutes and comes back and tells me the supervisor explained it all to him and that it was escalated the day before. that would mean it eases slated on DEC 9th - remember we've been told for 8 days that it had already been escalated. Paul couldn't explain... Again - get me a supervisor.

Supervisor Mary comes on the phone and says Paul misunderstood... she says she personally will stay on it and someone will call me back the next day with a plan, etc., (that would be on Tuesday). On Tuesday night, We drove to the local Cox communications store. They looked at my file and said that no one had been in our file on Tuesday at all.

It's now late Wednesday afternoon. No change in service, no one has called back, and unfortunately, no surprise.

Cox - you wanted people to contact you before posting. I think you've had MORE than a fair chance to respond.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Tv Service.

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I'm so sorry you had to go this this experience. Has the issue been resolved? If not, we would be more than happy to look into this for you.

Please email us at coxhelp@cox.com with your account information and a copy of your post. Once received, we will look into this further.

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Cox Support Specialist