This morning I lost all but 2 hours of the many stored programs on my hd hvr that I had been saving to watch during the summer repeat season. I have contacted Cox twice with no response.

I rebooted by unplugging the unit for a couple of minutes all to no avail of recovering the many hours I have lost. I have the upgraded whole house model for the ability to store more programs and do not use it for the whole house, only for my own set up. This is just another of the many situations I have encountered with Cox Cable over the years that is unacceptable. This is supposed to be an upgrade.

In what way is my service upgraded when I lose the many hours of programming I have been counting on this coming summer???????There needs to be some compensation when situations occur due to Cox Cable's actions that directly causes customers to lose their programming. Come on Cox show some responsibility for your actions.

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Reno, Nevada, United States #778577

That is the fault of Cox too. Why not have it preset at manual, seriously, why would they put it at auto erase and then not have their techs tell you this?

I know, we should read the lengthy instructions right? Cmon, its bad business.


Did you make sure you changed it to be manually deleted and not when space is needed ?

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