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I'm getting internet speeds at 10% of what I'm paying for. Have called customer service 4 times in 4 days. They've sent 4 technicians in 4 days. The first tech said it was fixed. 20 minutes after he left the speed returned to what it was. I called him back. He would...
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I didn't like
  • Being charged for things i am not getting
  • Bad service
  • Being made to feel like i am the problem
On May 16, 2016 I had services installed. Internet, cable and Home security. I did not want this security system. I was told the cameras were free, but no one gave me details as to what I was getting. On May 18th, I called and told cox I wanted to downgrade to...
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dont record the conversation haha...unless u let them know its considered illegal


Call retention and accuse them of "stacking" you. This is when a sales rep lies to you and adds things you did not approve of or were not aware of in the first place. Accuse ...


Cox Communications in Baton Rouge, Louisiana - HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE

Cox has the worst customer service I have ever encountered. I make appointments for a tech to come out and when he/she never shows and I call to inquire, it seems as though the work order ticket was never generated. To get anything resolved takes hours. Cox has horrible customer service. I rate them an F! They have our account number wrong, our pin number wrong..even though I am reading exactly what is written on the bill Cox sent. They even have the service address as their address on Florida Blvd...they can't even get the correct address on the service at line.
Product or Service Quality
I liked
  • No resolution
  • Only apologies
I didn't like
  • Horrible customer service
We have Cox phones at work...Cisco IP. At least 3 times a month I have to call bc the phones reset themselves somehow. The average call for me is 45 mins to 1 hour. I do have other work to do! Placing these calls gives me great anxiety. They refuse to come to our place...
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I'm sorry to hear you're frustrated. We'd like to look at the issues you're having. Are you the owner of this business? If so, please email us at and include ...


Cox Communications - Review from Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Louisiana License Plate ..disabled plates 626031...5'7 ...120 lbs..Black man...dark blue Cox shirt.... changed wires in cable box after ..Cox Cable came out here yesterday ...6761 Harry drive..baton rouge , last in the center of building 2 floor....5:45 om today.....
In a nutshell. Cox sucks. Price keeps going up, call business, they remove channels and the bill drops by a few bucks. Let me state the good news. Internet is fast, phone works great. Now back to the problems, Contour is buggy as it can be. Lockups, screens freeze,...
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We switched to Direct TV. On Demand isn't as good but we can record 5 shows at once and they record on every DVR in the house. We had to pay extra for the DVR with cox so we ...


Cox Communications in Baton Rouge, Louisiana - People in Blanche Court using hot Cable.

Paying someone to Put Cable in they house and not paying for it. They are even acting like they are in a cox communication truck. Setting up cable at night. Need someone to come out and check it out. Some how going into they boxes outside and turning the cable on. They do the setting up at night when they think everyone is gone in for the night.It need some Cox Communication Trucks to come in and check out what is going on in the area. I was just complainting because i don't think it is right for me to be paying and they get it free.
I ordered Cox internet service through one of their 'approved' resellers, or vendors as Cox calls it. The Vendor couldn't give me the specifics for installation, but they would connect me with the 'Installer' (who happens to be Cox). They wanted...
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Re: Installation Fees

I apologize for any misunderstanding concerning installation fees associated with this account. I can confirm that it is indeed a requirement that professional installation b...

On 12/14 I upgraded my service to digital, it was to be a Christmas present. I was told it was to be delivered on the 18th. On the 20th I called to remind Cox that I had not received the box. I was treated rudely so I talked to a supervisor who told me it would be...
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Re: Service Delays

I can certainly appreciate how frustrated you were with the situation. Picking up the equipment yourself is certainly an option. If you are still experiencing any issues or ...


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Cox Communications Products and Services Reviews

This is not at all right. For a company as big as Cox to be this bull ***. I added service two of them in November of 2010. It is May of 2011, and I have not received my rebate check yet. ($200.00) But of course my Bill came on time and was paid, or I would not have...
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I apologize for any delays with the rebate process. If you need any assistance getting this issue resolved please free to email me at and I\'d be h...