Tucson, Arizona
Not resolved

I have been on the phone with Cox's loyalty department for over an hour. The gentleman that I was speaking with didn't get my service charges decreased, in fact it was the opposite, Instead of my bill being $179.84, he was saying it would be $235.00.

It doesn't make sense that loyal customers pay higher pricing then a new customer. It forces customers to shop every year for new service or threaten to cancel. Then you have to go through the loyalty dept to get an affordable price, which they are quoting me an even higher price than what I was already paying. I asked to talk with a supervisor after being on the phone for over and hour.

The supervisor, Albert, stated he would need to call me back.

When he called back, he said since they removed the disconnect services that it raised my bill and they have no way to lower it. so the best that can do is $197 and thats with losing all my premium channels and phone service...are you kidding me!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Provide the same quality of service at the previous price.

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