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Made a call to question the bill that is due. I asked a question she answered the first part I then stated that last month I paid 428 dollars.

(which was more than what I owed and I’m not mad bc I owed that) However, she then got agitated saying she been trying to explain that but how could she have been trying to explain that and we had just got on the phone. I then told her I was having dialogue with her and didn’t call with an attitude just needing clarification. I told her her tone came across as she was having an attitude and I didn’t call for that. She then raises her voice I don’t have an attitude and you can talk billing.

I told her I didn’t want to talk to her anymore and I would call to talk with someone else.

The next call was a lil more pleasant however the representative when asked if the new 252 was two month or what she had no clue bc she had not pull up the account. If a customer calls about the bill the first thing you should do is one verify the caller, pull up the account, listen in a non biased way, and make the caller fill comfortable. If I was irate I would not have been calm on the phone. Why would I want to keep working with a company that representatives only care about the money owed.

Additionally it was late bc my husband at the time lost his job. I wasn’t calling for a hand me out just clarification. If the first representative would have had the bill up when I said can you tell me what the new bill entails she could have said I have your bill in front of me it looks like you owe 88 past due and the 218 remaining is re connect fees and late fees.

Don’t beat around the bush. My advice train workers to always make the customers feel like they are a part of the company....Even if I said something or jumped in before the person was done not realizing it doesn’t give them a right to raise their voice, change their tone or in other words get an attitude..

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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