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I realize Cox Communications buys programs from the networks to show on the Cox Network.

But whoever is in charge of purchasing these programs for Cox needs to change their programming rapidly. You show the same movies on the Cox lineup over, & over, & over. I'm getting tired of paying for & watching the same thing all the time. Get some new movies PLEASE!!! I have been with Cox for over 20 years and it's getting to the point of being tired of the Cox network.

I have come to the point that (out of boredom) I can turn off the sound on a movie and quote the lines of the actors word for word, because I have seen the movie so many times.

On your AMC channel I have seen "The Walking Dead" so often that I don't even bother tuning into that channel anymore. And that is just ONE example. I could write a book on the channels that your station repeats. Sad

Larry / Oklahoma City

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Tv Package.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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Thank you for saying what a lot of people are saying. Yet Cox continues to not listen .They still showing the same junk, but they keep increasing the price for the same *** shows. What makes it even worse is that now they add more additional charges and fees to increase they're bottom line even though they aren't doing anything different besides switching channels around haha.


Get some new programming on movies. And quit showing the same movies over & over & over all the time.

Your station is getting "Stale". I can think of lots of movies I haven't seen (e.g.) "Twilights Last Gleaming" Burt Lancaster 1977 Or "Final Countdown" Kirk Douglas 1980 or "Is Paris Burning" Kirk Douglas 1966 There are so many movies out there to be shown.