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This is her title her cox's cable nightmare well on march 18 my daughter move in to her own place and on i think march 23rd i her mom was in walmart where i was approached by a young lady who was handing out card she ask me was i interested in getting cable i told her no but i told her i would take one for my daughter she's looking to get cable, and this is where my daughter cox's cable 3 months long nightmare began she called the young lady and started what she thought was going to be great she was so happy, so on march 27 they came out and install her cable, and every since then she been stressed out /disappointed with cox's cable it's been one thang after the next, first thing happened was she order the bundle package with the cable the phone and the internet they did'nt bundle, she got the gold package contour for 4 rooms turns out she did'nt have that she had regular cable with only one tv that had movie channel she call to complain about it and they apologize to her told her that they put the wrong boxes in so they has to come back and change them out so just when she thought everything was ok she get her first month bill you would not believe how much it was a whooping 812 dollars first time ever having cox cable not to mention even having her own place so upon getting her first month bill and see that outrages bill she then called them once again about the bill asking why was her first month bill through the roof so she was asking my daughters all kinds of questions and half the questions she was asking i did'nt have she said they got your order all messed up and then she went on to ask me more questions she ask me do i have american home something my daughter ask her what is that she replied that that was a security system my daughter she did not order no security system and nor did anyone come to my house to install one and she said well they charging you 98 dollars for it, by then my daughter had been on the phone with her over half of hour then she got back on the phone and told my daughter that she was sorry that it was taking longer then usual but she had to fill out some type of form to get my daughter bill corrected at least that's what she said until bill #2 blance was 686 dollars including the new bill which was 199 dollars so she called them again and complain about that bill saying that supposed this was taken care of why is it still on my bill again this one said that they did'nt give her the bundle that they have her down as paying each service sperate and that they still charging her for that home security system she have been fighting this 3 months long cox's cable every since the day they install it 3/27/18 and still to this day so sad smh but she want be giving up until they correct her bill tell me what you think: A VERY UPSET DISAPPOINTED CLIENT WHO NEED COX'S CABLE TO FIX THIS ASAP ::AngryAngryAngry

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Bundle.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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