Cox has left me hanging without an internet connection for nearly a week and outright lied to me about sending a special tech to fix it. When my connection failed on a Wednesday, they couldn’t get a technician to inspect it until Friday, and when he finally came, he said he couldn’t fix my connection with the tools he had, so he’d call in a special technician to fix it instead and that I would hear from them that night.

They never contacted me.

I called their customer service line again the following morning, and they told me there was no record of a maintenance ticket being submitted; in short, my technician didn’t do his job. They submitted a new ticket over the phone and also told me they have an “appeasement” policy, meaning their employees don’t tell you the whole story about their timeframe. They say they’ll get someone to fix your connection that night but in reality it could take days.

Who does this policy help? It just makes everyone mad, employee and customer alike.

If they had told me honestly how long this would take, I could have prepared, but now, for all I know, they’ll never get around to fixing it. They still haven’t sent anybody and it’s Sunday night.

There is absolutely no trust between me and these customer service reps. Management really needs to address that “appeasement” policy, because it can’t be good for their customers or their workers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Internet Service.

Cox Communications Pros: Internet when it still worked, Internet speed, Strong wifi.

Cox Communications Cons: Monopoly, Lack of good people skills, Lies from customer service, Lack of communication from customer service.

Location: Germantown, Maryland

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