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Since when do monopoly utility's care about anything except taking money? Real nice socialist party line about 40% bandwidth being used by analog TV viewers.

Lets be a realist. Cox wants to engage in a battle for our minds by controlling "media." They are not television channel purveyors anymore. Cox has given up on the most basic of service options. It simply gets in the way of bigger dreams.

They are a more "evolved' entity now. The added bonus is never again will a simpleton be able to split a signal in the home and receive "unauthorized" TV. And since millions of government and Cox employees do not worry about service cost in their lives, they make great ambassadors while forgetting about the lives of the people in front of the "media. Oh and how great that its encrypted!

It is real secure now. Television that watches us with cameras can now transmit that information out of our homes. Of course that is what will happen in future.

Everything is now set up for it. Thanks politicians for letting this happen.

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