Had a similar interaction with Cox. Back in June 2017, noticed my bill increased and was advised the CSR to contact the 'loyalty' department to renew my $131 amount that I've been paying.

Spoke to a rep in that department who then advised that Cox could "SAVE" me money if I were to switch my internet (had/still have ATT) and add landline (use cell phone). I asked them (because they did this the last time) if there was a fee for someone to install the internet? The rep assured me that there was not. When I got my bill it was around $178 which included a charge for installation.

Spoke to a rep and they deleted the installation fee, but now I was looking at $158 or so which they claim it had something to do with the billing cycle. I called ATT to cancel my internet and was told that they now offered bundle service for the cell and internet (been with them for YEARS and that service was not available previously, so I wonder how long it was) which would put my payments at $121. WAY less than cox, so I disconnected my internet, took to the location on Watson Blvd and requested to cancel my internet and phone. Now, I called the "loyalty" department to see if I can get my original $131 back, but was told that was no longer offered since I took the current bundle offer.

Not happy about it, but I knew that I would be leaving their services when I move next year. I went to pay my current bill to make sure that they honored the refund of not having service after tropical storm Maria and noticed the phone line still on there.

Today I called to have that removed ($9.99) but was informed that it was part of the bundle (which I removed) and if I take it off then my payment would increased to $151! I kept it on there, but told them to mark my file that I will be cancelling their services in Feb 2018 and going to satellite!

Review about: Cox Communications Bundle.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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