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Somehow a couple of criminals obtained my phone number; one of them is identifiable as a scammer on Google by searching his phone number (yes, they were dumb enough to give their numbers to me).

One caller - this one from Los Angeles - claimed to be from Publishers Clearing House, informing me that I had won over $700,000. The other caller - Washington, DC - stated that I "had been trying to claim" an award for $700,000 and he wanted to help me receive it. Apparently $700,000 is the minimum that you win these days.

I reported this duo to the FCC, but they kept calling; I understand that the FCC can take up to a month to handle any reported issues. I called Cox and asked them to block these two numbers, and was informed that I could do that for a fee of somewhat over $3/month.

I asked the Cox representative which other unlawful nuisances I had the privilege of stopping for a fee. Cox then stated that I could pay for the number block for a month, and then drop it; however, if the Feds still hadn't acted the calls would resume. I was further told that this was all that Cox could do for me.

A third caller contacted me, and he hung up after I told him that I was reporting all such calls to the Federal Government. Hopefully that approach will work, because Cox won't help you at all with nuisance or harassing calls unless you open up your wallet.

Pros: Excellent cable and phone service quality

Cons: Don't ever become a victim; Cox will make you a poorer one

Hidden fees a specialty!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Phone Service.

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Cox Cable / Telephone pays these phony telemarketers to call you so you will buy Cox's $30 a month Call Blocking Service.

Why else would someone call you everyday for years with different phone numbers asking you to donate to a imaginary Senate Race.

Wake Up People !


Who do you think is paying these fake telemarketers to call you ?

It is Cox Cable/Telephone and Century Link / Internet Telephone because they want you to sign up for their call blocking features for an extra $30 a month.

Could you imagine if your pest control company was bringing bugs into your home so they can charge you extra because of the your new heavy bug infestation.

P.S. The phony calls will never stop.


No. That is not correct. First of all, your number is published in the whitepages unless you tell your phone service provider that you want an unlisted/non published number.

Yes, if you want an unlisted or non published number, it's $2 month added on your Cox bill. I have no problem with that if it keeps my number out of the whitepages and other directories that are now accessible via the internet.

Most important is the fact that Cox DOES offer solutions to block unwanted calls on my landline for FREE. I use "Selective Call Rejection" and "Anonymous Call Rejection" These features have helped me to avoid some of the worst telemarketers that continue to call.


I am pretty sure Cox sells your number to telemarketers when you sign up for phone service. I switched from Vonage and it was a big mistake--the harassing phone calls never stop now.