Peoria, Arizona
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I went to Cox to change the name on our account after my husband died, from his to mine. At no time was it disclosed to me that I would be paying $30 change fee on each of the three services I have through Cox, telephone, internet and TV.

A charge of $90 to change the name on the account which I have been paying all along. No address change, no service change, just trying to do the right thing and put my name on the account as the responsible party.

Additionally I was given a new modem after the change, but before the change had time to move through their system. When I hooked up the new modem the internet wouldn't work at all, and my telephone service was down.

I spent no less than two hours on the phone with tech support, and was told that the local COX agent made errors in how the account was set up and that was why the modem didn't yet work.

Is my time worth nothing?

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $90.

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