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. The organized extortion and wholesale fraud increases by this monopolistic front company within a typical corporate pattern of deception and lies, as clandestine manipulation of the cost for service escalates daily, weekly, and monthly..

I think that as the complaints against Cox grow by hundreds, they will ignore class actions and federal investigations in allegiance to corporate greed, rather than ethics and justice.. Also, as Americans craving for sewage piped into their homes continues unabated, COX and all commercial broadcasters will never evolve into a respectable media, yet will perpetuate the further degradation of a degenerate, demoralized, diseased society.

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Enid, Oklahoma, United States #807458

I'd like to know when Cox is going to start offering more 'bang for the buck'. The cost for service ratio leaves a lot to be desired.

Our costs for home phone, internet and cable have sky rocketed in the past 5 yrs., however their service they offer to their loyal customers is mediocre to say the best.

I believe my wife and I will be making some major changes if we see 1 more price hike with no significant improvements in what's offered in return. How about updating internet speed.

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