Cox communication is still operating with Ma Bell's mind set. They charges very high fees and penalties.

My basic internet and TV was $70 per month and a lot of problems. To make it easy for me, I enrolled in the automatic payment (EasyPay) with credit card. When my CC number got stolen and CC company cancelled the card, Cox couldn't charge CC number on file. They charge me $105.75 fee for it.

It was $35 for each time (twice) and $35 for return check fee even there weren't any check involved. I called them up and they won't waive. Their customer service was rude. They were sounded like you don't have a choice and you're stuck with me.

This is true for most of rural areas. So, I signed up with Verizon DSL and Direct TV. I don't like dish.

As soon as Verizon installs FiOS, I will sign up. To save yourself headache, stay away from Cox."Ž Cox adversities that they hire US local employees but they should their employees to India for training on customer service skills.

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I'm sick of cox jacking up the price on their best customers. I've been with cox for 23 years and every 4 months they jack up the price on me.

Don't they realize what bad shape the our economy is in. I've been unemployed for over a year and a half and I can't afford COX anymore.

I'm going to the first service that can offer me a better deal. F -U COX.


4-15-10 For three weeks I have been loosing cable program audio every 10 minutes (for 4 seconds). This is unacceptable.

These overcharrging knuckleheads spend millions on advertising their technology but can't fix a simple glitch. Time to go to Satellite!!!!!!!

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