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Okay so to and my brother got internet only with Cox Communication for a grand total of $67.99 for a total of 2 years in a contract, nothing in the fine lines. Well we kept the payments up until I lost my job in August at which point we kinda struggled but kept making the payments, we missed a payment by mistake, because we thought we had already paid it.

So we are paying $67.99 for ONLY internet. Now that is not the worst part, I am getting to it. So come September we get a bill for $160 but can only pay $68 dollars of it leaving $92. So we are having a hard time making the $92 payment and the next bill comes out for $$165 no big would think.

So we pay $47 on the 4 and then turn around and spend another $30 on the this should bring the bill down to $ I get the next bill today Nov 9, 2013 and Holy jesus mary and joseph, now the bill is $217.17 due Nov 19, 2013 or service gets I am no math whiz but how is a $67.99 + $92 = 217.17 it actually = 160.17 (well give them the 17 cents) so now...where in **** sake did $57 charges come from...well lets delve into I get a bill every month for $67.99 now they changed it to $73.99 with no warning (all for internet...and I was paying the same for internet in North Carolina for better service for $40 a month) so I call them up and tell them to lower the service they lower it to 25 mbps instead of the 50 I had and now I am paying $62.99 (wtfh) I mean seriously all this just for internet??? This company is the biggest ****ing rip off I have ever seen but it's the only company in our area meaning we have to accept what they give us and they are price gauging to the utmost...about to tell them to shove their plans to where the sun dont shine.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Internet Service.

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Well after I downgraded to the 25 mbps, it's like I have dial up is so freaking slow and it has disconnected from the internet about 20 times alone today


I understand that would be very frustrating, trying to get caught up. The math is not calculating right for me either.

We can take a look into this to find out what happened and give you a detailed report. We can also look at coming up with a plan around your budget. Cox offers different tiers of each service to fit the varied needs & budgets of our customers. We’d love to work with you!

Please email me at with your address.

We will be happy to see what packages we offer that meets your needs. Thanks, Tiff