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Cox Internet raised our rates 3 times in a year without notifying us. Service began to slow down at the same time.

We were not signed up for auto-pay but we received notice that it was rejected for lack of funds by our bank and now we owed a service charge and a late payment on a billing we had never received. I checked with my bank, we had plenty of money and no auto payment was ever sent through. Customer Service basically said I was crazy and even though I insisted we didn't have auto-pay we had to pay the fees. While I argued with them, they shut off the service.

Reluctantly I paid them and it was turned back on but my Wi-fi no longer worked. Complaints are ignored and the regular internet went to a very slow crawl. It would take 5 minutes to load and then freeze. We cancelled our service and went with someone else.

I was recently told by their so-called customer service that unless someone actually goes into the account what I say is considered bogus.

I was also told that letters are ignored and pretty much so are phone calls. To sum up - Slow internet + escalating prices + worst customer service on the planet = COX COMMUNICATIONS!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Internet Service.

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I have the same complaint about Cox. They over charge any chance they get.

I got two $8.00 charges for late payment then another charge for $20.00 to re-activate my service when it never really went off but I was a day late to pay. then they stopped taking autopay for a minimum of two months since one payment did not post in time from bank account. too much grief for me and they should understand that their billing practices are not helping their reputation at all. I am switching to CenturyLink tomorrow and I hear that comcast is coming to Phoenix as well.

Maybe then Cox will get a clue.

In short: watch your bill closely and do not expect a good deal for any reason. I got $37.00 a month for Internet then in three months it went up to $59.00!

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