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Recently, we moved to an area which Verizon FIOS does not service. Lacking any real option, we switched to Cox.

Big mistake.

First, the installation was a nightmare. We set up the original date and were told that someone would need to be at the house from 8 a.m. until 12 noon to wait for the installation crew. On the assigned day, I took my pregnant self and my three kids to the new house (we were not living there yet) and waited around. At about 10 a.m., we received a call from the company that they were running behind and had to reschedule for the next day. Same four hour block.

Day two of waiting, and I receive a call at noon saying that due to overbooking, they are (once again) running behind. Two hours later, they finally show up...without the correct equipment. Thankfully, another serviceman was up the street and had extra equipment in his vehicle, because I was understandably pissed.

So after the installation was complete, I expected to have no additional issues. Within two days, the whole house DVR stopped working. We called and were told to simply reset the box. Three days later, the receiver in the upstairs bedroom stopped working. Again, we were told to restart the receiver. When the receiver went out again, we stopped calling.

32 days after installation, our service was turned off abruptly. We called Cox, only to be told that we had had service for almost 60 days, we had not paid our bill (that we had never received), and we owed over $400 (after being told it would be around $90 per month). We didn't have $400 at the time, so we worked out a payment plan with the associate on the phone and gave them $50.

The VERY NEXT DAY, our service was turned off again. We called Cox, only to be told that the payment plan from the day before was null and void because the associate didn't have the authority to make that agreement. I demanded to speak to a supervisor. Three hours later, the supervisor finally calls me back, tells me she doesn't care what her associate promised, demands I pay the remaining balance, and hangs up when I state I don't have the money. Then, they turned off the phone.

A week later, I have the money and pay the bill. At that time, I am informed that I have been charged $50 in a reconnection fee. Enraged, I tell the lady on the other end that I was charged far too much for one month of service that had never worked correctly. She informs me that it is not her department and I can complain to whoever I want, but I still need to pay the $50 to have my service restored. I pay the fees and immediately put in a complaint to the corporate office (to which I have never received a reply).

Our service is restored within two hours, but none of the receivers work. I reset all the receivers, and they still don't work. I wait until the next morning, reset all the receivers, and they still don't work. I call Cox, spend one hour on hold, am transferred three times, and end up speaking with someone in Ohio who tells me that the DVR problem is across all states and should be resolved within the next few weeks. I complain about the fact that my service has NEVER worked since it was installed, and the man credits me $20 for one DVR.

Three months later, and we are still regularly resetting our receivers to regain service. Our cable has never worked correctly since installation. Our internet is sporadic, at best (we've called half a dozen times on this as well). Our calls to Customer Service are handled rudely and never result in the problem being corrected. Worse, we are being charged over $180 per month for service that doesn't work correctly.

Needless to say, we're about to give Cox the boot and start streaming our TV. We'll get internet elsewhere as well, since it is so obvious that our business is not important.

(On a side note, we have been told numerous times that if we were "established" customers, Cox could help us with the bill. Sadly, the ten years of previous cable that I had and the five that my boyfriend had do not count toward our being "established," as they were at different addresses.)

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Receiver.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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