Bad service from Day 1. Phone number malfunction requiring supervisor intervention with the robotic system so the number provided by the live rep and the one provided by the automated system match up.

Cox sent the wrong equipment for phone hook-up requiring a tech to come out, fix it and apologize, saying this only happens to "1% of the customers." Cox put their voicemail system on my phone which has one of its own voicemail system and now they cannot figure out how to get it off, and I cannot access my messages which their system overrides from my phone's voicemail system. Cox is trying to figure this all out and is now at the maximum tier 3 level at headquarters because others have failed to remedy the problem they caused.

Customer service personnel are generally very nice and sympathetic to the situation. How and why are these problems even happening? I'm told they are "rare" but somehow I doubt it.

This should be a simple phone connection; I've used this same phone elsewhere many times with different carriers and had no issues. This is my first time with Cox. I'm giving the company a chance to succeed but am running out of patience. I need my voicemails and am blocked by the Cox system when I try to retrieve them (I am "restricted" from retrieving them.


For now, I would tell current and future customers to be wary of Cox. They have to prove to me that they can fix what they broke and have admitted to breaking.

I am giving the company a generously long chance to succeed thus far. Let's see what they can do after fumbling the ball.

User's recommendation: Be Wary Of Cox But Give Them A Fair Chance.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Fix the problems and compensate me for the 12 hours I had to spend dealing with your company about this issue..

Cox Communications Pros: Nice customer service people in general.

Cox Communications Cons: Creates problems and the cannot fix them, Tries to blame the customer unless held accountable, Questionable competencies.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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