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Before I belch out disapproval of service received I want to say the Tech support has always been satisfying. TV service has been disruptive at best.

They keep messing with various programs or the reception gets fuzzy or the channels in package get shuffled. We're paying good money for our service but not getting all the stuff agreed to. That's despite all the sweet talk at the other end. The other issue is with the physicality and disfunctional nature of their cumbersome remote control.

I mean whoever it is that makes that remote must be severely challenged and a mere mental midget. It is very large and heavy, unappealing looking and crowded w/buttons from top to bottom. We all can agree that the most often used buttons are the channel number ones and the volume buttons. Ironically these buttons occupy the lower half or even third of the remote.

Human fingers/thumb are on the front of the hand followed by the palm and wrist as a point of reference for the direction I'm going in. In order to operate this piece of trash you have to hold the bottom and push the buttons. In so doing the majority 75% or so is weighing down on your hand. In contrast our regular TV controls are much more sensible and easy to use with just one hand.

With the cable remote you have to use both hands which is not what most people find suitable. I've done the research and that's my feedback.

That's all! Get it right.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Tv Service.

Reason of review: Other issue.

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