Hampton, Virginia
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Ordered Cox bundle (tv, internet, homelife) through a rep @ Wal-Mart to be installed April 3, 2019; yes, that would have been yesterday. Was told at time of signup that I was getting 300+ channels for a set price on ALL TVs; and all installation was FREE. First of all, the tech initially stated that Homelife would be $50.00 extra so I called Customer Service who stated all services were indeed FREE and to not pay anything on this visit. Anyway, that situation was eventually straightened out. All TVs were hooked up and found out after tech had left that only 1 TV had the supposedly 300+ channels, the others were pretty much just basic cable.

Anyway, I again called Customer Service who stated that I would have to pay an additional $7.00 per box to get all the channels. I questioned why, and was put me on hold, but the call was dropped. Immediately called back, speaking with a rep who stated I would have to pay an additional $6.00 per box (yes, I kid you not, I was told a different price from just a few minutes ago). I voiced my displeasure with the details I was told when I initially ordered Cox; was told by the female rep that even if I went to a Cox store they would contact where I was calling and I would be told the same thing. The female rep's attitude was like oh, well, and what do you expect me to do? So I will be going to the local Cox store to see if I can get some satisfaction on the matter, but I don't expect much. Also, the tech was unable to get Homelife working, and "had to leave." I grant you that the tech had been at my home for a while, and it was getting late; but that's not my problem. He was there to get a job done, and irregardless if it was completely or not he is still going to get paid. To top that off I have to wait almost a week for someone to come out to make sure Homelife is working.

In 2 words, "COX SUCKS!!!!" Would have been better off keeping the service I had with another company. They don't have to worry about me being a customer again; and on a scale of 1 to 5 they get a "0."

Also, I'm beginning to believe Cox is doing nothing but ripping off it's customers. My 85 year old mother-in-law pays $125.00 for BASIC CABLE on 1 TV and basic telephone service in Hampton, VA; with nothing extra on her account. Come on now. RIP OFF COMPANY!!!!!! YES, THAT WOULD BE YOU COX!!!!! POOREST CUSTOMER SERVICE I'VE DEALT WITH IN A LONG TIME!!!

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