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My service was disconnected on 2/7/2019 for $20.00.. This was after I paid $254 on 2/6/2019..

This is ridiculous.I have been a customer with cox for 15 years.. I have paid almost $40,000 to cox over the 15 years..my service is not great my channels constantly go out my modem went out last month and I work from home so that was money that was lost.. They had to send a tech out that Saturday and the modem had to be replaced. The one thing in my opinion that is good about cox is their customer service..

But their practice and how they treat their long term loyal customers is ridiculous! I say all this to say to disconnect my service for $20 dollars is past ridiculous it’s actually insulting! What it says is we can do whatever and we don’t cate that you are a loyal customer!

This is why cox had s 1 star rating! Also I have a maintenance plan on my device but whenever someone comes out they still charge me when I shouldn’t be charged!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Tv Service.

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Pay in full or it gets shut off. Feeling self entitled won’t make your bill go away. I have to pay my phone bill in full or they’ll shut it off too.

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