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Kudos to Cox for screwing me out of my gift card and planting a virus on my computer. Wow, that's really top notch customer service.

How many more times do I have to repeat myself. One hundred words are not enough words to sum up what I think about what has been done to me. I'm going to cancel my service at the end of the six month contract and subscribe with another service provider. I'm really, extremely and seriously pissed off at what has been done to me.

You lied to me for FIVE MONTHS! What is wrong withthis scenario?

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Gift Card.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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I sincerely apologize for the frustration you have been through with the gift card process. As we have previously communicated, the first rebate request was received without the proper documentation. The second submission was properly received and we have a RUSH order in place to process and mail the gift card to you.

While I've dealt with virus issues on my own PC and don't wish them on anyone, there is no way the Web-Rebate website was the source of your infection. The link you were provided in all correspondence is the same link used in all current and past rebate programs; it is used by many other companies and is regularly tested for malware. We utilize the same link to verify rebate status prior to every customer interaction.

We sent a status update to you through email this morning.


Becky K.

Cox Social Media Support Specialist

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