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We have been in the same house in Gilbert for over 13 yeas. The only high speed internet provider we have had is Cox. The central reason we have had Cox is because we can't fire them for their poor service delivery, frequent outages, damage to our routers and modems and ineptness at handling customers.

During those 13 odd years we have learned that other cost competitive providers such as Qwest/Centurylink; though they advertise that they offer service to all areas simply won't touch our neighborhood because they are respecting Cox's monopoly in our area. We could get Hughsnet but that is much more expensive. We could get Dishnet, but their signal strength tops out at 7mbps so they are not a cost effective/competitive provider.

In short, we are stuck with Cox. We have to replace our modem about once every year or two. We just had to replace a wireless router that Cox fried with some kind of update, which was only installed last March (2013). We are paying for their 25/5 signal plan but at certain times of the day the strength drops so low our computers can't access the internet and drop off. This kind of intermittent service delivery has been a problem for at least ten (10) years with Cox and it is completely frustrating that we cannot fire them.

Getting service from Cox involves long waits on the phone while you wade through the infuriating automated attendant before you actually get to speak with a human. Then you will experience even more frustration as they put you through the same infuriating so-called security identification process (for what reason I can't imagine) before they let you try to explain your trouble. The first level tech you get will not have had time to the inclination to review your account service history so you will get the same standard humma-humma text that they read everyone else through even if you already have a case number.

The last time we called in - yesterday - September 10th - we fought our way up to a second level tech and then a supervisor as we tried to demand that a tech come back out after having been there on September 9th and our service still dropping off at 5pm on the 10th. This so called supervisor promised us a tech visit by Wednesday the 11th and a "request" for a tech visit on the 10th informing us that the bookings for the 10th were full. Well, we never got a call on the 10th and today when we didn't get the early morning call we called in once again fighting through the automated attendant and the first level tech on-hold nonsense only to learn that the supervisor never actually scheduled us for a tech visit. That's what you can expect from Cox communications.

That's actually not the worst of it. Back in March 2013 when we had to replace our Modem and Router the first time this year, we had a visit from a third party contractor working for Cox. This fellow knew his business and after three hours work figured out that our drop-outs were principally due to the fact that Cox had a computer problem, some kind of hexidecimal character recognition protocol that actually scrambled our modem's serial number in the Cox system requiring that modem to be deleted and re-entered in their system. Once that was done we operated fine for six weeks with no issues until now. Are we experiencing the same problem? Who knows? We need somebody dedicated to running the problem to ground but those kind of people probably don't exist at Cox because they've heard all the complaints and don't have any answers to the problems.

Conversely, we have had Qwest/Centurylink DSL at our business since 2001 and maybe have experienced an outage once or twice, never lost connection due to poor service delivery and to my knowledge only purchase one modem in all that time which was necessary due to technology advances.

Based on ten years of experience, our advice is don't get in with Cox unless you have absolutely no other choice and be prepared for a life of frustration and anger with a company that simply will not perform.

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same issues


I'm sorry about your frustration with our company as a supervisor at cox I'm trying to make them make changes


My internet started disconnecting the middle of September, as well. The modem event log shows a TON of T3 timeouts.

Something else that I noticed started happening at that same time was that my OnDemand is on the fritz. As bizarre as this sounds, does your internet drop out when you TRY (frustratingly, without success) to watch something on OnDemand?

A Cox tech that I talked to the other day said that they were getting a lot of calls from Arizona about OnDemand not working and that it is most likely a software issue. Could this same software issue be messing with our internet?


This is definitely not the experience we want for our customers. I want you to enjoy your service. You should be able to come home, turn on whichever device you please, and get online without any hassle. Let me get to the bottom of this. Please email me at

Stephanie A

Cox Communication

Social Media Support Specialist