Centreville, Virginia
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I HATE Cox! We pay more than $300 a month for phone, high speed Internet, and email.

That's not only a hyper-inflated price, but the customer service is TERRIBLE. More than 90% of the time, customer service agents are incompetent!!! I just switched out my old modem with a new HSI Cox modem that was advertised as being easy to replace by the do-it-yourself method. It didn't work.

So I called the customer service number. I couldn't understand the first customer service agent because she was mumbling into the phone very rapidly with a very heavy accent. She told me that I had the incorrect password to my account and that she couldn't provide full service ( although I DID have the correct account password); then when she said she activated the new modem, she somehow deactivated my telephone service. It has now taken a huge amount of time to fix the Cox screw-up that left us without telephone service.

I had HAD IT with this company!! They are TERRIBLE!! All interactions with them over the past several years have been TERRIBLE!! Unexplained power outages for days with no reimbursements, VERY slow Internet speed though we are being charge for the highest Internet speed available, charges that are unexplained and exorbitant; this company is dishonest and deserves to go out of business!

I am canceling my Cox cable.

I will purchase only those cable programs I want and will sever my connection to Cox FOREVER!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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That is not how we want our customers to feel. We would hate to see you leave.

Let me see what we can do about your service issues and see if there are any money saving opportunities that you qualify for.

Please email me at cox.help@cox.com with your account information and a link to this complaint.




I wonder if we can get a class action suit against them for the high bills and no service most of the time.

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