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My daughter, Tiffany Cheshier, Omaha NE, recently down graded her cable, internet bundle. When she down graded the individual from the call center informed her that it would be very easy to hook up the box. On 4/5/18, she picked up her Contour 1 box at a store in Omaha Ne. Tried and tried to install but to no luck would not work. Called tech support, first call couldn't help her and second call to someone else didn't even try to help but just said "I will schedule a tech to come out on 4/8/18.

I then called a 1-800 number and spoke with Josh in Vegas, who said that she just needed to call tech support. No luck. I then called the 1-800 again on 4/6/18 and spoke with Philip in Phoenix, who informed me that he would call her in 30 minutes to walk her through it step by step. No call from Phillip.

4/7/18 10:20 am, I attempted to call your store located on Burke Street in Omaha NE. No answer

So as we stand now, she has had no cable since since 4/5/18. But paying for it.

The tech is still scheduled to come out on 4/8/18. And for your information she WILL NOT be paying the $75.00 tech fee. Not after all the lies, misinformation and hassles. I WILL be reporting Cox Communications to the Better Business Bureau if she is charged the Tech fee and she should be credited the day where she did not have cable.

You know you have the market in Omaha NE. That is why your customer service is so bad. There is no competition so people are forced to use Cox.

I am very upset with your company and will go to all means to see that this is taken care of in the best interest of YOUR customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Technical Support.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $75.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Cox Communications Cons: Customer service.

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So you’re the type of person who calls 6 different people and is amazed they have 6 different answers? And probably expressed no patience on the phone, so people just wanted to get you off, try being nice next time!