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I received an email last month stating that my service address had changed. I immediately called Cox and stated that my service address had not changed. And, I knew nothing of such actions and that the problem had come from the clear sky.

Now, at present, I received another email stating that my Tech for today's appoint was going to the wrong address. Yes, the address that should have been erased month ago.

After talking with four of your agents trying to convince them that I was sitting at the 1400 NE 46th address with all of the Cox working. None of your agents could simply change from the erroneous address of 1614 that should have been changed back to my still 1400 address for the past 18 years!!! Your fourth agent just hanged up the phone caousing a disconnect.

Please, can anyone at Cox help me solve a very simple problem in which I had nothing to do with. I live alone and no one has visisted me since I first had Cox installed. So, no one per telephone nor internet could have stolen my info and changed my service number!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Cox Communications Cons: Simple problem could not be solved by cox agents.

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