Phoenix, Arizona

So I am paying over $200.00 Per month for services.

CABLE: I constantly have box resets. I'm told every month it is that I have an older box. Finally after the first few months I went ahead and got the DVR but guess what. It's still having issues. After six months I go in and drop it off and am "SUCKERED" into getting the new "six-recording" DVR that works miracles and makes everything work properly. WRONG! Still cuts off, Recorded shows are like watching jigsaw puzzles, etc. Call in and am told I have to pay to have someone come out. Who cares I don't have time to wait for someone so let's move to the next best area:

INTERNET: Paying $66.00 per month for the "Premier Internet Service" which is supposed to include:

50 Mbps download speeds

10 Mbps upload speeds

Look at the below speed test results and tell me if they look close to what is advertised? I've called in numerous times and here is how it goes:

First Call: "Oh! We don't use that speed test site, use this one and call us back with the results."

Second Call: I call back in with the results from the site that was suggested. "Oh! We don't use speed test sites due to they are wrong. You see we only guarantee the speeds from the demarcation point, at your house, to the Node"

I then ask: Ok! What is a demarcation point and what is a node? "Well the demarcation point is where the cable enters your house and the node is probably close by your home on a telephone line."

Getting Upset, I Ask: So your telling me the speed I am paying for is only guaranteed from outside my house to some telephone pole close to my house? "Yes that is correct. You need to learn to read the terms of service." Call disconnects.

Granted I may not get near the speeds that I'm paying for but with service like this it is DEFINITELY time to start looking at Dish, UVerse, etc. This is after being a Cox Customer for fourteen years.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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