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In December of 2018 I made the switch to Cox from AT&T. The worse mistake I ever did, but the reason was because my contract had ended with AT&T.

With my contract ending that that meant my price went up so I switched.

Cox offered me a $350 rewards card and a free security camera and some type of light bulb. So I was happy to save the lease to switch. But after my 90 days and not receiving only a $100 gift card I called to find out what was the issue. They told me that it was my fault that I entered my numbers in correct and it was not $350 but $300 and the rest would be out in another 90 days but it could come sooner.

Needless to say nothing came so I call back and now it turned out that I was only supposed to get $100. After looking into my account they said that they realize their mistake and that it was never submitted the last time I call but they will submit it now. Okay, so today I get a email telling me that my gift card is on it's way but it's only for $100. Now I'm upset because I have been lied too more than once.

To tell the truth I actually pay more and get less from Cox's then I did with AT&T. So after calling about the same issue again I decided to go back to AT&T because at least they keep there word. After switching back I called to disconnect my services from Cox. Which now they claim I show them a $200 disconnect fee.

Ain't that some *** They still owe me a $200 reward card but think I'm going to pay them $200 for a contract I'm not under.Not going to happen. The service manager on the phone told me that their contracts were verbal. I have not once talk to anyone about being under a contract.

An to try to tell me it's a verbal contract is a bunch of *** Someone please tell me in 2019 what company puts you under a verbal contract. So in short this company is full of *** please stay far away from them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Bundle.

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