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This company has been a nightmare to deal with. For years I only kept the internet service which was fine for good reason because they have always been horrible but was happy at the internet service I was receiving.

The moment I upgraded it went smoothly. I got a decent bundle great price they honored it. Then I had to move. They kept my same service agreement and waived the installation fees.

This is where all *** broke loose my bill went from $200 to $1000 then to $800 . 3 months it takes them to fix my account at the same time unable to get the appropriate department to fix it instead I’m put through a gauntlet of inept untrained reps clueless “supervisor” who have no clue about their products or services. Their customer service is so poor a supervisor is always busy. The worst customer service reps ever who have no clue what their services are or what they provide they are clueless robots who brow beat you with scripted responses and insincere apologies then when it gets too out their depth they hang up on you and you get put through the gauntlet again or worse put you in hold limbo.

The worst company and customer service ever. I’m filing a FCC complaint and contacting a lawyer based on all these poor responses there should be a class action suit on this company for unethical fees and charges. They sell you movies digital copy movies at the same rate as Apple Or Amazon only you don’t really own the movies you supposedly purchase. What they don’t tell you or warn you about is that once you don’t have cox service you don’t have access to the movies you purchased and supposedly own!!!

God forbid your relocated or move to an area that Cox doesn’t have service well they took your money and the movies you purchased. That’s fraud.

They make the customer think they were sold something they really weren’t. This is the worst company ever.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Also contact your congress critters to urge that cable and internet be regulated as utilities. Also complain to your local franchise authority.

Enough complaints can actually get the cable company FIRED!! I know because we did it to AT&T when the took over cable services in Jacksonville, FL.