Sorry to bend everyone's ear tonight, but if you're patient tonight, you might pick up some valuable and life changing lessons, bare with me please...

I have been reading the Cox Cable complaints left by many people and I seriously want to cry. Your complaints are similar to mine, in fact I just turned on HBO to get another sign that said no picture due to technical difficulties, (yellow triangle and all..."watch another station"-how dare they), and I am in too much pain and too tired to go downstairs and get the only phone of mine that still works, to spend hours on hold with Cox to once again complain about their lousy and exorbitantly priced service. But the thing that upsets me the most, (a little background first, I'm 57, raised in a different era, my father told me when I first started working (at age 11) when I agreed with an employer to work at whatever wage I agree to, even if it was modest, I made a commitment, and I was obligated to stand by it...and during my work hours, I virtually "belong" to my employer) and this kind of work ethic, especially in our young...and I am talking about that 28 year old manager and that 36 year old supervisor, is basically non-existent.

Being a woman, I oftened worked twice as hard and long for less compensation than my male counterparts. But I did my job. I understood when a customer called upset that they were not angry with me, they didn't even know me, even though they were screaming at me. They were angry at the services or product my employer was selling, and when I agreed to work there, I took on the responsibility as a representative of that company. In 30 years I NEVER yelled at, swore at, got an attitude with, or even rebuked a customer for all the curses and accusations they flung at me. I patiently waited until they "got it off their chest", (they usually had good reason to), and then kindly told them how truly sorry I was, and that they never had someone like me on their side until today! I then fought for their right to leave satisfied with what they had paid for. I even came up with very creative solutions that would work out for everyone's benefit, then call my boss and fight for that customer. Only ONCE was I unable to correct a situation that the customer was justified in being irate about, so I apologized, I paid for the part myself, then I quit. I did not want to represent a company that did not keep their commitment to excellence, or demonstrate courtesy, remorse and respect to their patrons. Over the years I have watched those kind of companies eventually go under. "Whatever a man sows, that also shall he reap." I had Comcast for several years, they may have changed, but during those years I had only one problem with their "product", they corrected it then credited my bill for my inconvenience. I've had nothing but constant problems with Cox right from the beginning and no offer for compensation, and if I demanded some, I had to prove it's justification.

Cox appalls me. They have a lot to learn...and a lot to teach, I don't mean to disrespect anyone, but many young people don't learn from their parents, and certainly not from their greedy companies, how to enthusiastically serve their customers and vigorously work to resolve their grievances.

In reality, their salary comes from us, the consumer. If you lose too much business because we aren't important enough for you, you end up with no job. I use to give seminars on how to properly handle customers complaints and resolve their issues. In fact...of course you won't get this at my seminars, and today this can land you in jail...bring it on, but in my town if one of the residents told me that one of my kids were rude, indifferent and disrespectful on their jobs ( or anywhere else for that matter), I would still go hunt my grown child down and knock some sense into them...literally. Of course they were raised right which is why so far I haven't had to and why their bosses always use them as examples of what great customer service is, and neighbors always compliment the efforts my adult kids put into serving them and the community. One day...(one small example),...this female stranger in the elevator with my daughter and granddaughter, decked out in a business suit, dropped her phone, briefcase and purse while screaming in both shock and admiration when she heard my 5 year old granddaughter's reply, to her mothers instructions to stop playing with the elevator buttons, with a polite, "Yes Ma'am." She told my daughter how proud she must be and that she hadn't heard that phrase in over 15 years, especially coming from the lips of a child. How proud we all were, but at the same time, how sad that it is so rare instead of common place and expected. My kids have now come to me saying, we use to think you were so hard and so unreasonable, but now we are so grateful you put the work and effort in to bring us up this way, especially when you were criticized by so many people. (My youngest son use to come home from sleepovers at age 14, saying "Mom, I'm so sorry for giving you a hard time, it made me sick to hear "Johnny"...or "Billy" talk to his mother the way he did." (Even my 27 year old son that rarely works, still spends most of his time smoking pot, and yes, does have some serious problems, is the one that many people in this town "discuss" the most...Yep, crazy so & so did this last night, he got into trouble with that, but boy, that kid is soooooo respectful and so polite. He could be walking down the street with that group of hoodlums, but if you have a flat, or have a lot of bags to carry in, or shoveling the snow from your driveway, he's the only one I've ever seen drop everything, run over to offer help, sincerely ask how ya doin, and never accepts a couple bucks for lending a hand...somebody brought him up right.) He'll never admit that to me, but that's okay, there are enough town folk that do that for him.

It's time the Corporate world started acting the same. I promise you, when you ignore or especially promote disrespect and ingratitude in your employees just for the almighty buck, at some point God will pull that almighty buck right out from underneath you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

Location: Stafford, Connecticut

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