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I am new to Arizona from Michigan and went online to start service with Cox, I picked all my options I wanted and at the end paid the $20 deposit that they charge after you set all your stuff up and was given a number to call to complete setup. I called to complete the setup and was told I can pick the boxes up whenever just needed my drivers license to pick them up, I work until 8pm and all their stores close at 7pm so I left work to head to the store and there's no wait, I go to the counter and am asked for TWO forms of ID, not a big deal I had my debit card on me so I gave it to her.

She types some stuff in and then says "There will be a $50 deposit for the cable box and you never paid the $20 online so I'd have to charge you that as well so it'd be $70" I have a screenshot of the screen after the $20 fee was paid. I was never ever told one time about there being a deposit for the box when I was doing the application online there is a section at the end after you enter your card number stating "If we have to charge or debit more than $20.00 or change your install date, a Cox Customer Care representative will contact you by telephone at (My number)." I was never once told over the phone by that customer service rep that there would be any additional deposits needed. I cancelled my order through them and left. I called customer service back once I got back to work and decided to give them a chance to fix it by waving the deposit and was told that there was nothing that he could do about it and that there would be a deposit required no matter what.

The problem that I'm having is not about the money because I totally get the need to charge a deposit from someone who has no credit, my problem is that I was told that all I needed to do to pick up my device was bring my ID in and I'd be given my box and I go to the store and that's not the case at all. I had a total of three issues with Cox before I even full started my service through them I can only imagine the hidden fees and scams that happen in the 12 months of service...

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: I would like them to give me my equipment without the deposit to fix their messup, I wasn't told of the fee before I left work to go get my box so I feel I shouldn't have to pay it. Their mistake they should fix it..

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Not surprised its how they operate, it will just get worst, because they're losing money because a lot of families have antennas or fire sicks, rokus, so they trying to make it up by overcharging customers.