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Three hour plus (3+) wait on customer service line! Trying to contact Customer Service since 7 AM and keep getting recording over and over again.

Looks like Cox does not have enough people to handle the volume of calls. The problem is simple needing some one at Cox to turn-on a switch but cannot get any person to talk. All calls go into circular hold pattern for unending recording. The top management at Cox should try calling sometime like normal customers and see what is going on in their company.

Perhaps they are looking to be bought out by Comcast?

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Stafford, Connecticut, United States #821371

When I was so upset that they charged me 50 over their monthly quote I called to cancel service and was on hold for hours, my phone started to die. I hung up and pressed the button to ADD or PURCHASE NEW SERVICE, I was connected in 5 minutes! I was then told if my phone died while they were canceling my service they would NOT call me back and would NOT cancel my service, I would have to wait and call again.

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