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I have had problem accessing my on demand for a week. I usually only watch on demand on the weekends.

Last saturday 6/22/13. I could not access any of the shows I wanted to watch, I called Cox Communications and was told to reset my box and that would solve the problem. Well, it did not !!! Now it's 6/29/13 and I can not access my shows still.

I called Cox again and they reset my box , AGAIN. It still did not work. Now they have to send a technician out to my house to take a look at the box. The next available day they can come is Monday 7/1/13, between the hours of 3-5pm.....really ?!

Now I have to leave work early to make sure that I am here when their technician is able to come !! Ridiculous !!

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Technical issues are never fun to deal with. I regret any inconvenienc this issue has caused. I see you had a technician scheduled however if that didn't get the issue resolve please email me at coxhelp@cox.com for further assistance.


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