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I made an online payment for my bill like I do each month; I even received a confirmation email from Cox stating payment made was sucessfully received.

So I went on about my daily business & assumed everything went through okay. I happend to log into my account the other day & saw I had $50 return fee charged to my account & that my account now is PAST DUE!! I immediately called Cox to find out what happend & was told the account number I entered must have been incorrect because payment did not go through & they were told by the bank the account number was incorrect.

I never received a call, email, letter of any sort notifying the payment did not go through & to make a payment immediately or I will face other fees or my account will be past due.

I've been a loyal customer for many years with them & have never been late on any of my monthly payments. I asked the customer service rep if they would kindly waive this $50 return fee sine it was unknown to me the payment never went through & was told they cannot do anything about it. I then asked to speak to a supervisor & was put on hold for number of minutes & finally someone came on & I was told the same thing by him. The supervisor did not seem helpful or understanding at all when I told him that had I known my payment didn't go through due to error on the account number; I'd have made a payment immediately after that. He did not care to listen but all he did was to let me know that if I don't make the $50 return fee to them immediately; my services (tv & internet) would be "interrupted".

I asked if there's somewhere I can address my concerns to; he basically told me...sure, go online & submit a complaint (basically in a tone of...good luck with that!).

He did not care if I submit a complaint nor if I decide to cancel my services with Cox all together.

This is not how Cox should do business!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Cox cable is a well run business.


Consider yourself lucky so far. I've had this happen to me for the past 4 months in a row. I submitted an email complaint and was told last month they looked at my account and the issue was taken care of. Just got a nasty call telling me they're going to turn off my service if I don't pay because....guess happened again!

Oh and I've been on hold for about an hour total right now if you don't count the time I had to spend calling them back because they hung up on me.

Stellar customer service.

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