Cox Internet is unreliable and slow. We are promised 12Mbps download speeds and barely get 5Mbps (and that's on a good day when no one else in the neighborhood is on the internet).

We pay $47/month for their terrible service.

If you call Cox tech support to complain about the speed and intermittent connection issues they immediately blame your computer, your router, or the lines in your house. After 3 visits and replacing the fittings outside our house twice and their modem we are still at only 6.5 Mbps.

Occasionally we might hit 9, but that is only when no one else in the neighborhood is on line.

They can't deliver the speeds they promise because they don't have enough nodes in our neighborhood and they won't admit it. If there was another service provider offering cable internet we would switch, but they have a monopoly on this service in our area.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Internet Service.

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Totally worthless slow internet indeed! Their cable feed is terrible too!

Tons of interruptions and "sorry we're having difficulties" error messages ALL THE TIME!

AT&T is a terrible company for cellular and any kind of customer service but U-Verse is amazing and their internet is great. *** COX COMMUNICATIONS, anally with a shotgun!


I am so pissed right now I can't see straight. Cox cable is the most unreliable internet service provider I have ever dealt with.

I wish AT&T would get off their rearends and run their extreme dsl to our region. Even so, with Bell South controlling everything for them in this area, we are unlikely ever to see the improvements in technology that we need across Georgia.

I thank you so much for writing this. Its exactly what I came here to say. But because I use cox communications its taken since early July to get this page to load.

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