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I contacted to COX to have my service line checked since my signal seemed to be very erratic. So they send three guys out and end runing a new service line.

BUT...they run this line down the pole (not encased in conduit) and across my yard. Then they place these flags along the cable on the ground, saying "Buried TV Cable." All I have is internet service from them. I then get a call from one of the technicians who is SITTING in front of my house telling me that it would be a week to 10 days before that line would be buried! Couldn't even come to my front door to tell me in person.

When I went out back to see what they had done, I was horrified at how they thought this would be okay. The pole that the line runs down is on the other side of my fence in my neighbors yard. The line runs down the pole through some wire garden plant stands and then under my fence. There is no way that they could bury this line to the pole!

And since the wire is exposed and not on my property, there is the danger of anyone coming along and cutting that line. The other thing that I do not understand is that more than 2 yrs ago, they ran an underground line to my property which comes from a junction box on the property line. They have never connected me to that line and now they want to do another underground line! The first time that they ran an underground line, they cut through a sprinkler system line which I had to have repaired and now they want to do this again!!

Is this why they keep raising rates why the service gets poorer and poorer! I guess when you have a monopoly on this type of service, it doesn't matter what you do. Also, 2 years prior I was promised that I would be connected to the original underground line which is encased in conduit. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that COX hires very incompetent people who know nothing about professionalism and proper maintenance service.

When I called them back and said I did not want another buried line across my property, I was told that they would have to send an "evaluation team" out to see what the best solution would be.

Unbelievable!! Now I am waiting for the team.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Internet Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Either connect me to the original underground line or run it overhead from the pole. NO NEW underground line..

  • Cox sucks
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Switched to cox on 3/11/19. When I signed up I was told my bill would be 175.93 per month.

Then they sent an e-mail that my bill was due in that amount. When I called to pay my bill the amount was 213.48. I paid that amount and called Cox.

I was told the due amount was 213.48 and my monthly bill would be 180.xx.Iwas told that 180.00 was the best they could doand the sales lady should have told me a rate increase was coming. I guess I'll be going to directv or back to at&t when my month is up.