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My name is Robert Sneed I am a disabled American due to Epilepsy and often spend days at a time in the hospital or ordered to bed rest. As my condition won't allow me to conduct any business competently. Both my doctor and Neurologist have written letters and given statements that attest to this fact.

Cox Communications has directly violated and continues  to openly violate the guidelines set forth in the ADA Americans with Disabilities Act. Cox communications will not allow me time recover from Seizures as they threaten to disconnect services with no reguard to orders from my doctor or neurologist.

Complaint - Violation of the ADA Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (504)

Violation #1 - facilitating Epileptic Seizures by intentionally causing undue stress in the form of threats and retaliation (suspension of service,shut-off notices, phone calls, Unfair late fees, re-connect fee's) 

Violation #2 - As a Disabled citizen I have the right to "A reasonable recovery, Cox has never taken my condition into regard at all in reference to my account. They advise me often to AGAINST my doctors orders by demanding i mail or fax proof of payment to them immediately or lose service! I remind the representative that I am under doctors orders of bedrest for 3-5 days. THEY DO NOT CARE! The rep repeated that i would lose service at 5 pm TODAY if I did not disobey doctors orders and immediately go a payment center and post the PAST DUE on the account.

On March 19th I mailed Cox a money order for the past due amount. I was told when I called that the services would be disconnected in 2 days REGARDLESS! I have begged them not to allow me recovery time so that I can handle the issues on the account but Cox Communications continues to charge me illegal re-connect fees, late fees and anything else they can think of.

I call Cox and explain the situation only to be treated like a criminal as opposed to a customer. They act as though I am lying as opposed to an Epileptic that is recovering from Seizures. My doctor actually wrote them a note asking if they could allow me time to recover as the stress of threats actually bring on more seizures. I called and tried to get a fax to send the doctor's note. Only to be told by a supervisor in billing that they DID NOT WANT IT! Even though the letter stated clearly "Please note that Mr Sneed post Seizures is incapacitated and in no condition to make personal or business decisions. It is advised to place all business dealings on hold until his Levels of Keppra are back to normal (3-5 days)" Instead I was given the option of reading it to a supervisor on the phone. After reading it I was told that Cox had NOTHING for anyone in my position (disabled) and that i would have to follow the same rules as everyone else.

I feel as though (and can prove) that Cox has both disregarded and violated both my rights as an American Citizen as well my rights as a Disabled American citizen also. And has done so on several occasions and continues to do so with no regard. As i live on a very limited income (SSDI) it is impossible for me to continuously pay the outrageous late fees and reconnect fees they charge me while lie in the hospital unconscous from seizures. I have paid several hundred dollars in fee's even though i should not have.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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This sounds like a personal problem to me. Where does it say in the Constitution that you have a right to cable tv or to get special consideration paying your entertainment bills?

Suck it up and walk it off, pay your debt on time.


Dude ever heard of IHSS it's a program for people like you to pay for a caregiver to help you with you daily affairs . Paying your bill is your problem not cox, they have a company to run.

I bet you were not this disabled when you gladly accepted the service? It's people like you that we have to pay deposits. People like you that make the disabled look bad. I am disabled and to say the least you have a debit card sir?

If not get one.

Money orders these days and ages dude you must be a low life piece of ***.where is this dudes tap ill. Shut him off for *** and grins.


Honesty I think you're bring a cry baby. :cry If you can't afford the services don't get them.

Have someone else make the payments for you. As A Cox customer, I know you have to be quite behind for them to shut services off. So if your bill was due in a day of a epileptic episode that had you in the hospital for 5 days, you still wouldn't be shut off.

You are clearly far behind because you can't afford it, and are using your suitability as a excuse. I've called cox and made payment plans many times with them being more than eager to work with me.