Wichita, Kansas

I recently set up an internet account with Cox. The representative who set up my account told me that I qualify for a $100 reward card.

After waiting a couple of weeks, the only correspondence I got form the company was a thank you letter, a bill, and an advertisement; no card. So I called about the status of my reward card.

The man on the other end said simply "We don't do gift cards."

He tried to see where the miscommunication came from, but everyone he messaged said the same thing. So I was lied to by the original representative.

I got the reward card for an option I chose in regard to the equipment, if I remember correctly. I feel pretty cheated since I chose the option guaranteeing me a reward card, which apparently "we don't do."

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Gift Card.

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Still waiting on my card. It was approved March 11, 2015 n never mailed according to the website. Everyone I call it's wait til next week.....


I'd like to look into this further and see if I can figure out what happened. Email me at coxhelp@cox.com with the account details and try to make this right for you.



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