Fraudulent Billing, TERRIBLE Service, Fraudulent Advertising, POOR Performance, Iternet SUCKS (intermitent) they charge for fixing their own Cables, they advertise one Price and charge THREE TIMES MORE, THEY TRY TO GET TO BUY new Modems to charge you more $$$$$, they escalate the monthly Charge whenever they feel like it.

They quote different Fees to diferent People for their Service, they will not quote unless they know who you are. They tell you one Amount that they will charge and then they triple it.

Internet Sevice gets interupted almost every Night around 2:00 AM.

There is no Customer TECH Support unless you wait on the Phone for Half an Hour.

Their Techs only know one Thing disconnect the Modem and reconnect it or call your Computer Manufacturer for your Problem or call Microsoft or we cannot help you with this Problem for FREE there will be a Charge.

Angelos 602-364-9055. They should be closed down and their CEO CFO etch should be in JAIL


Review about: Cox Communications Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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My wireless is terrible and cox has come out 3 times to fix it- not! Hear different things every time about what is wrong.

Today they told me to call Netgear because that is my router. Netgear was like, uh, I'm sorry but we can't help you and do not know why they referred you here, once cox buys their routers, they have to maintain them. Som back on hold to talk to this *** company again.

I hate AT&T too but that's the only other option for wireless . Grrrr.


I agree. Cox is a company out of control.

They are counting on being a monopoly and keep increasing their prices. Hopefully they will get bought out and regulated.

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