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WORST CABLE COMPANY. I've lived in different parts of the country and in my experience this is probably the worst cable company in the nation.

The Cleveland Ohio customer service staff is very rude, especially Sara. They know they are your only choice in certain areas and could care less about providing good customer service. Unlike other providers, you can only reach a customer service rep during regular business hours if you have a billing issue....and believe me you will have plenty of billing issues with this company. The first time I inquired about their service they wanted a $100 deposit because they said they couldn't verify my credit.

This was the first time any cable company ever asked me for a $100 deposit. I thought this was unusual since you pay for cable and internet service in advance and if one doesn't pay, I would assume they just cut your service. They told me they would hold this deposit for a year, but credited my account after the first month.?? Another time I once signed up for a special promotion they were offering.

When my first bill arrived it didn't reflect the discount and in fact showed a rate increase for the following month! What a poorly managed company! I've talked to many people who have Cox Communications as their provider and nobody seems to be happy with their service.

It's a shame we don't have a choice when it comes to affordable cable and internet service in the 44129 zip code area. Buyer beware!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Internet Service.

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I hate Cox too. Terrible rude customer service, & always raising the monthly charges.

I bought an antenna, & now watch TV for free. It's mazing how much better the picture is without cable.


Cox cable is absolutely horrible.


So, how do we take back the keys?

I remember this was a deal done a long time

ago, but why can't it be undone?

I can't fine any information on the web...

but I'd sure like to know...


I have have a business account with cox, they have a guy call himself my account manager, but doesn't even reply to my email, after oney year contract, they email me a form says I have to sign to keep my current service, try to lock me in for another year.

this after they screw up my automatic billing on my residential account month after month..

If cox is a person standing in front of me I will beat the crapp out of it with a composite baseball bat


I live in Vegas and we only have cox cable as the local cable company.... here is my two cents.

1) I have had cable in other parts of the country including over the years; Charter, Comcast and Warner.... Compared to Cox? Cox is the worst in Programming and Failure of Equipment (4 HD-DVR boxes in 2 years) and service...including their internet.

their programming for free movies is almost non existent - Though claim the have "thousands" of free movies... Yeah if you like movies ya never heard of and foreign flicks (sub-titled). As far as internet service?.... Have had to "upgrade" twice just to get any decent speed.. And I have all my own top quality routers and boxes and it still sucks. I pay $130.00 for service and don't even get any "premium" channels.... So...In my opinion Cox is the worse company of them all from my experiences with others.


Unfortunately, for all residents of Parma, our politicians gave Cox the keys to the kingdom. I wonder what the cable bills are for certain council members and office holders.


Take it or leave it bro...not much u can do with a monopoly. They know they got u by teh ballz.

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