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I am beyond fed up with Cox Communications. In my opinion they are crooks!!!

I am forced to have them as my provider as they are the only company that services my area. I moved to Arizona in 2015 and I have had Cox as my provider since then. I originally lived in a unit upstairs (same address)..and last December I moved to a downstairs unit. I work from home so I have to have my internet and phone lines working properly.

I had every service they offered...two phone lines, internet, home life and TV's. I had an original move date and my move was pushed back a few weeks..so I called Cox to change my move date. The rep did not move my services properly and half my services were moved to the unit downstairs and have remained upstairs. I could not work for 2 days and my billing was unreal!

Then Home life put me in a brand new contract...2 years from the date I moved downstairs. I had to fight tooth and nail to end my Home life when my original contract was over..because they kept telling me that I had another year in the contract.They were trying to stick me in a brand new contract when I already was in unit upstairs for a year. I have had to go to Federal Trade Commission on them 3 times because I can never get resolution with billing until Ive spoken to them for 3 or 4 hours and gone from reps to supervisors to managers, to the store in person! I have had so many issues with this company it is ridiculous.

I have had them add on repair plans to my bill..that I did not add and I have also had my packages changed when I did not request any change..THEY SLAM AND CRAM THEIR CUSTOMERS! I have worked for telecommunications for years...and the standards and ethics of this company are unacceptable!Cox leaves a bad taste in my mouth!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Account.

Reason of review: Billing.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Cox Communications Cons: Fraudulent billing schemes, Over charging, Your total lack of concern, Lack of consistency amongst employees and departments, Late charges and disconnect charges fraud.

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as a fourteen year customer with cox,I have been left hanging by a Customer Advocacy person named Marcus Morse...had had been giving me discounts due to constant screw ups by Cox billing department...but he has not responded this pay period and has ignored by many emails to him..and now even after many calls to the worst so called customer service reps;I am stuck with a bill that is much to high to pay,no credit for a bill already paid...I spoke with a nice gal from the Tech dept and she suggested to call in the morning and ask only for Customer Advocacy ...i asked for a new bill since the bill I received middle of January is beyond understanding...would appreciate someone from the Customer Service group call me...thank you...sheila.forman.lee@mail.com .....or call 623 476 8141

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