Providence, Rhode Island
Not resolved

I have been a customer for years as they are the only cable company in my area. I paid a bill online before my regular due date October 27th ,2018 and didn’t enter a number right- which was my fault and they ended up rejecting the payment.

November comes and I get two pieces of mail one stating I am overdue from there collections department and the other was the bill that said past due and that the total amount was due November 27th which was my normal billing time. There was no pay xx amount now or we will shut you off.

I spoke to a rep right away and he assured me that there was no cutoff notice or anything because I was a valued customer and this is the first time anything like this has happened.

I wrote out a check for the total amount right away and sent it out before thanksgiving.

Last night November internet get’s shutoff. I spoke with a live chat rep who said I had to call in and was extremely rude and unhelpful then spoke to another who processed an immediate payment by debit card for xx amount so my internet could be reinstated as he said they had not received my check as of yet. Very frustrating and dissapointed with cox- lying to customers!

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